About us

There can be no doubt about the great potential of the oceans as a repository of resources. Taking advantage of them will improve the future health of the planet by increasing the use of clean energies, avoiding CO2 emissions and by becoming less dependent on fossil fuels.

Different marine energy technologies are looking for the best ways to tap the energy of the tides, waves, ocean currents, salinity gradients and thermal gradients.

At Oceantec we are currently focusing our efforts and resources on off-shore and on-shore technologies that will allow us harness wave energy. Technologies can be developed by us or in conjunction with other development companies. We are also paying close attention to companies who are developing technologies that focus on tidal currents.

Some of the key factors which we consider essential to success in marine technology development are:

  • The right strategy, the right process, the right people and the right shareholders.
  • A clear understanding of the problem and identification of how innovation may play a part in the solution.
  • Collaboration with other organisations.
  • A phased development approach has proved to be fundamental in reducing risks, producing useable results and building confidence in potential investors.
  • A balanced combination of technology and industry is essential to accelerate development and keep focused on the market.

We truly believe that the development of technological marine energy solutions will improve the general health of society and of the planet we inhabit.